Two Poems on the Iraqi War [“The Gluttonous Guns,” and “The Letter”]
Two Poems on the Iraqi War [“The Gluttonous Guns,” and “The Letter”]

Two Poems on the Iraqi War ["The Gluttonous Guns," and "The Letter"]

The Gluttonous Guns

[Iraqi War, 2005]

Check out at the hot, Gluttonous weapons of war

Quick they go, to kill our dearest ones;

Siblings, and fathers, children and spouses:

Quick we go to the coldblooded call of war!

There is minimal resting   .243 ammo around evening time...

In the voracious sands of the Iraqi conflict

Back home there're moaning and sobbing

Ov'r this pot of crickets, an unending battle!

War, war, war, and look to the monster of war- -

High, and close, low and clear, clear, clear:

I don't see one, not one mogul there?

Not one avaricious, voracious millionaire!...

#737 6/24/05

No Letters

[Iraqi War]

"Where are you going?" I asked my child

--on this, radiant of mid year days

"I'm going to Iraq to battle for opportunity,"

I didn't have the foggiest idea what to say off he went, to battle in the sands

In this far away spot called Iraq- -

Gladly he glanced back at me,

As I supplicated, he'd before long returned.

Why, doesn't' he compose, my child, my child

I sit tight for the mail every day;

It's the point at which you don't have any idea

Your brain begins to go, go- - !

Envisioning terrible bizarre things.

I got a letter today, today- - it said:

They faced an extraordinary conflict by Baghdad;

Furthermore, many lost there lives, I surmise -

Also, the reality of the situation is, it is

My child was among the dead!...

He'll at absolutely no point ever gotten back home in the future, I know

Also, my evenings are long and slim

Be that as it may, he ended up being, respectable and valid

Who battled for trust and opportunity?

For a country that owes him everything.

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